Holiday Programs

Terms and Conditions

  1. A place cannot be held for your child until full payment is received. Payments are non-refundable and non-transferable.
  2. A program may be cancelled if insufficient enrolments are received or if a coach is unavailable. In both cases you will be notified and be eligible for a refund. Refunds will only be issued due to major illness, hospitalisation or relocation and where a Request For Refund (RFR) form is completed and submitted (Forms available at reception 02 9714 7600). All refunds are at the discretion of Centre Management.
  3. Program participants for gymnastics must wear comfortable clothes, no shoes, no belts, no denim, zips or buckles. Hair must be tied back and no hair pins or jewelry to be worn. Cricket attendees should wear a hat and sunscreen. All other programs participants must wear comfortable clothing and shoes suitable for physical activity.
  4. Food and drink will not be provided to participants. Children are encouraged to bring a light snack and a water bottle. Access to water fountains are available for participants to refill their water bottles at intervals during each program.
  5. Participating children, siblings, parents, guardians and all other patrons that attend the Sports Centre and Sports Halls must act respectfully towards all others.
  6. Parents/guardians must accompany participants to the program venue (Sports Centre or Sports Halls) and sign their child(ren) into and out of the school holiday programs at the reception desk no more than 15 minutes prior to or 15 minutes after the scheduled start and finish times. Only the parent/guardian listed on the enrolment form will be able to collect the child unless prior arrangements have been made with the Program Assistant.
  7. For gymnastics programs parents are welcome to view sessions from the silver seats located next to the Legends café in the Sports Centre. In doing so we ask that parents do not instruct / coach participants from the viewing area. Coaching/instruction provided by unqualified individuals can be a hazard to participants and a distraction to coaches on the gym floor. We appreciate your co-operation in this matter.
  8. Participants involved in school holiday programs at Sydney Olympic Park Sports Centre and Sports Halls are expected to maintain a standard of behaviour which includes listening to and following instructions of coaches, respecting other participants, patrons, staff and equipment. Misbehaviour impacts on the safety and wellbeing of participants and coaches alike, and is not acceptable as part of our programs. Participants who misbehave
    a. Will receive a verbal warning from the coach
    b. If the behaviour continues, the participant will receive a second warning from a senior coach
    c. If the behaviour continues, the participant will be asked to leave the class or sit out of the session if a parent/guardian is not present, until contact with parent/guardian can be made.
  9. Children who are not participating in school holiday programs are the responsibility of their parent/guardian while in the venue. It is the responsibility of the parent/guardian listed in Section B to attend the school holiday program with the child listed in Section A. Where this is not possible the parent/guardian must advise the adult carer supervising their child to and from the activities of their responsibility.
  10. From time to time we are required to change some terms and conditions and every attempt will be made to communicate these changes as early as possible. However on occasion, some changes may occur without notice. Your understanding is appreciated.
  11. Sydney Olympic Park Authority, a NSW Government agency, is committed to the protection of customer’s privacy and personal information. Your privacy is protected under the Privacy and Personal Information Protection Act 1998. Personal information may only be disclosed in accordance with the exemptions provided under the Act. The individual details required on this form will be used for administration purposes related to the facility or service for which it is being completed and for communicating information to you from the Sports Centre regarding any of the Centre’s programs, services or promotions that are deemed appropriate to your interests and needs and which may enhance your use of the Centre. The Centre will not make this information available to any third party unless it is necessary as part of the provision of this product or service. By ticking the box on the form you are providing the Centre with consent to use your individual details for such purposes.

    I certify that the details provided in section A, B, C, D & E are true and correct. I agree to:
    - Indemnify the Sydney Olympic Park Authority (SOPA) and its contractors against any claim by reason of accident, injury or illness except to the extent that SOPA may be liable for such accident or illness.
    - Supervise children in my care while at the venue who are not participating in programs, and
    - Collect my child(ren) from inside the venue at the conclusion of the clinic.